We The Uncivilised

If you’re not telling your own story with your life, it means you’re telling someone else’s.

Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to bear witness to an epic journey some dear friends of mine have taken – travelling the length and breadth of Britain to record tales of uncivilised behaviour for a film which will be released next year.

We The Uncivilised will tell stories about what becomes possible when we break free of the constraints of acceptability and respectability imposed by our modern “civilised” society – boundaries which with every passing year seem to become more difficult to extricate ourselves from as each new generation is locked into a limited way of living in a society which gives us the illusion of endless choice. In fact the choices which are available in our mainstream culture exist along a very limited spectrum because it is a society which is based primarily on the accumulation of Capital – therefore all our choices are ultimately required to be in service to Capitalism.

But what if we were to step outside of mainstream society and reject Capitalist social relations, choosing something else entirely? What if we were to choose a different kind of story through which to live our lives? What if we were to begin to tell these stories vividly and authentically to one another? Would another way of life then become possible?

All over the world people are making this choice and are returning to the land to create a society which serves life, above all else. The film tells the stories of some of these people – activists, artists, musicians, storytellers, farmers and above all dreamers (in the most positive sense of the word!) – and includes interviews with Martin Shaw, Tim Macartney, Alistair Macintosh, Glennie Kindred, Patrick Whitefield, Satish Kumar, Polly Higgins and many more pioneers in the new world which is opening up in the spaces created as the existing system slowly collapses.

We The Uncivilised is about the story which each of us carries about ourselves in our heart – the truth at the centre of the image we are born with. It asks the question, who’s story are you telling with your life? Because if you’re not telling your own story with your life, it means you’re telling someone else’s.

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