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The Children’s Fire

According to Mac Macartney – elder, storyteller and founder of Embercombe – The Children’s Fire was a small fire which was placed in the centre of the Native American council of Peace Chiefs to remind them of their pledge that any decision they made should not cause harm, directly or indirectly, to their children or the children … Continue reading The Children’s Fire

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All Souls Pass Into The West

On the rare occasions I have a conversation with someone about my vision quest last year I invariably begin by explaining that it’s not over, that in some sense I’m still in the ceremony. I experience strong, mixed feelings of excitement, fear and confusion whenever I think about this. During the two days I spent … Continue reading All Souls Pass Into The West

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The Crossroads

I’ve blogged before about my belief that a key aspect of my healing journey is the incorporation of an aspect of myself which is childlike. Sometimes it seems as though this journey has required me to go back and re-experience and renegotiate all of the natural development stages of childhood and adolescence, where parts of … Continue reading The Crossroads

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