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In the midst of this remarkable transitional phase of my life, as I slowly and carefully unwrap the layers of meaning that encapsulate the end of the most significant love relationship of my adult life, I find a vast panoply of thoughts, feelings and emotions which in some sense have been held static for a … Continue reading Initiation

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A Band of Brothers

The purpose of my vision quest last September was to perform a ceremony whereby I would initiate myself into full adulthood. Rites of passage is a familiar concept for most people in our culture, but nonetheless we tend to underplay the importance of ceremonially marking life’s big transitions. We take for granted that at various … Continue reading A Band of Brothers

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Fanfare for the Common Man

Deep in your heart you know whether or not you want to experience a Wilderness Quest. Already you feel the ancient stirrings within you. The time has come. You must go into the wilderness, to the breast of Mother Earth, and seek vision, understanding and strength for yourself and for your people.

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