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Joy to the World

Long has this blog been a space for introspection and, without wanting to sell myself short, much navel gazing at times. Well, there’s a new wind blowing from the East, and it’s blowing away some of the cobwebs from the parts of me that delight in simple pleasures, in lightness, colour, movement and the joy … Continue reading Joy to the World

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The Wisdom of Paradox

We must reclaim our original wholeness, our indigenous human nature granted to us by nature itself. And the key to reclaiming our original wholeness is not merely to suppress psychological symptoms, recover from addictions and trauma, manage stress, or refurbish dysfunctional relationships but rather to fully flesh out our multifaceted, wild psyches, committing ourselves to … Continue reading The Wisdom of Paradox

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Letters from Auroville

In February I spent three weeks in a place called Auroville, an incredible experimental community in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. My experience of the place was mixed. It was completely inspiring in so many ways and in other ways, as residents were happy to admit, it was struggling. While I was there I too struggled … Continue reading Letters from Auroville

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